How Not to Buy a House:

  • You don't need to pick up magazines at the grocery store that are out date by the time they are printed.
  • You don't need to surf from site to site to site. No one has a special stash of homes for sale.  
  • You want to avoid advertising web sites (like Zillow, Trulia, etc.) who have incomplete or out-of-date information. Their sole purpose is to generate leads to sell to agents.  
  • You don't want to drive around calling the agents listed on the sign in front of the house or in ads. Those agents represent the seller - not you.
  • You don't want to spin your wheels running to open houses where listing agents will try to sell you their inventory.
  • You want to see all homes that match your needs, on your timetable, with your Buyers' Agent who is protecting your interests.

The Secret to a Great Home Buying Experience:

  • Choose a Buyers' Agent/ABR to work experienced Exclusive Buyers' Agent that knows the market & the process and works as your advocate.  FREE.  Select your Buyers' Agent early.
  • Search this web site. It has all listings for this popular area; even foreclosures, short sales, & new construction.
  • Save your Searches. Save Favorite properties.  Receive emailed updates.
  • Ask us all your questions and learn the market.
  • Contact us when you are ready to start seeing homes or models in person.


  • Anything you tell your Buyers' Agent about your budget, needs, etc. must be held in strictest confidence. 
  • Anything you tell a Listing Agent or Builders' Rep must be shared with their Sellers. 


 *Never call the listing agent. They work for the Seller. Your Buyers' Agent can show you any home for sale.
*Never tell the Builder's Salesperson anything about yourself.  They work for the Seller.  
Visit model homes with your agent.

We are Exclusive Buyers' Agents. We have the ABR accreditation.

We ONLY work with Buyers and never represent the Sellers.  
Only 4% of all agents have our Accredited Buyers' Agent designation.
Far, far fewer are Exclusive Buyers' Agents.

We will tell you the pros and cons of each property of interest. As we tour Homes & Neighborhoods together, we will point out any negatives as well as all positives so that you can make informed decisions. Our only job is make sure you get the best property for you with the best price and terms.

You can trust us. Want to know more About Us?
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Have a House to Sell?

We do not accept listings but if you have a home to sell in this market, we will be happy to recommend an exceptional listing agent for you to interview. We can work in tandem with any listing agent you choose and coordinate timing. That agent can focus on selling your current home while we focus on finding your perfect new home. We find that this team approach works extremely well and eliminates any conflict of interest.

Free & Unbiased Service:

  • Our services cost you absolutely Nothing. 
  • Home Sellers pay a commission to the Listing Brokerage; who then pay a percentage to the Brokerage representing the Buyer who then pay the assisting agent. That's how we get paid. None of our buyer clients have ever had to pay us a dime.
  • We never ask our Buyers to sign anything until they are ready to write up an offer.

    Absolutely NO BIAS 
  • We don't care who's name is on the sign in front of the house.
  • We are obligated to No Seller, No Builder, No Real Estate Company.
  • We Don't Sell Houses!
  • We work for you; helping you to Buy the best property for you.
  • We monitor, research, analyze & coordinate specifically for you. 
  • We help you Find A Home...the right home...and Get The Home...for the very best price and terms.
  • We get you to and through closing by coordinating everything and answering all your questions along the way.

Some of What We Do For You - FREE:

  • Provide you with the Ultimate in Search tools and market information on this web site.
  • Research the market to find all properties that might suit you.
  • Make you aware of all foreclosures, short sales and other distressed sales - currently listed or coming soon.
  • Alert you to every listing that fits your needs as it comes available.
  • Alert you to any negatives we are aware of (power lines, traffic, odors...)
  • Preview homes as needed to ensure the best use of your time
  • Give you a full overview and tour of the market and neighborhoods that might suit your needs.
  • Provide you with the history & trends of each home & neighborhood.
  • Schedule & show you every home that interests you.
  • Do a "red flags" informal inspection of any home that interests you.
  • Provide detailed history on any home you are considering.
  • Provide unbiased opinions, as requested.
  • Review disclosures, covenants, and potential issues.
  • Re-visit, photograph, and measure, as needed.
  • Explain each neighborhood’s amenities and fees.
  • Provide sources for information on the schools, shopping, traffic, and taxes.
  • Conduct a comprehensive market analysis prior to making an offer on a home.
  • Offer advice on future resale value of the home & improvements to consider.
  • Assist with mortgage options available & recommend possible lenders.
  • Estimate closing costs.
  • Prepare your offer and negotiate the best price and terms for you.
  • Oversee your due diligence period.
  • Arrange, supervise, and review inspections.
  • Schedule & work with the closing attorney.
  • Negotiate repair agreements and ensure completion.  
  • Ensure that your closing goes smoothly.
  • Attend to any needs & remain your resource after you move in.
  • And, if you choose to build, we do all of this plus supervise the construction.
  • We make sure you get to and through closing without a hitch.

What Do We Ask From You?

Just your honesty & loyalty. We operate under the Realtor® Code of Ethics. Therefore, if you are already working with another agent, please use their web site to search and go to them with all of your questions.  We only work with clients that are working exclusively with us.

Read all about the process of buying a home:  The Buying Process - Step By Step

You can read the NC State brochure:  Working With Real Estate Agents.  It will explain the legal differences between sellers' agents, buyers' agents, and dual agents.

Video courtesy of National Association of Realtors & REBAC