Better Than Searching Yourself:

We encourage you to use this website and our mobile site to search for properties just as often as you want to. It is the most user-friendly and accurate search tool in this market. It is the best way to get a good overview of this market and to start to narrow in on areas and neighborhoods that you might like. You can get a sense of how far your budget will take you.

However, when you are within 90 days of being ready to start seeing homes in person with the intention of making an offer soon, you really want to go one step farther: Request a Portal website (see form below.)

What is a Portal?

A Portal is a custom website we put together for you. On it you will see all properties that match more specific criteria than you can choose when searching yourself. In your Portal, you can move properties into folders for Favorites, Possibilities, and Discards.

The biggest benefit to using the Portal, is that we will provide you with additional information on any property that you mark as a Favorite or Possibility. We will tell you all the positives and negatives.

  • If the home has a view of major power lines or will hear highway noise, we'll tell you.
  • If the neighborhood is highly sought-after with strong resale, we'll tell you.
  • If the builder has a reputation for poor construction quality, we'll tell you.
  • If the property is in pre-foreclosure, we'll tell you.
  • If the Sellers appear to be motivated, we'll tell you.
  • If we think it is over-priced, we'll tell you.  
  • If you want to know about taxes, school assignments, or anything else, we'll tell you.
  • We will tell you the current property taxes, HOA fees, or anything else of interest.

You can type in any questions or comments you have on each property and we will type in our responses quickly. It is a fabulous tool for keeping all of your thoughts organized in one place.

Your Portal is linked directly to the local MLS so you will receive new listings, price changes, and status updates the instant the agent makes the change. Favorite listings that go Under Contract or Sell will stay in your Portal in case you want to watch to see what they sell for.

On your Portal web page, you can also run your own searches and save additional Favorites.

See a make-believe Sample Portal

You can request a Portal at any time but it is an essential tool when you are within 90 days of making an offer. Like everything we do for our Buyers, a Portal is absolutely Free.

Complete the form below and you will receive a link to your custom Portal web site within 24 hours.