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Search Tips & Tricks

Note the different ways to search across the yellow bar above. Choose the type of search that best meets your needs.
Any search can be Saved.

  • Start with a Town and a Price Range. 
  • Then add more specific criteria one at a time.
  • Don't try to get too specific initially.
  • If you don't see as many results as you expect, clear the criteria and start over. 

You can view your results in a list or on a map and toggle between the two.

You can Sort your Results by Newest or Price.

On the Interactive Map you can also Draw a polygon around a specific area of interest to search.

Request Information on any property that interests you. Receive a quick email reply.

Save your Favorites to review the next time you come back to search.

You are in control - Just Click on the Person Icon on the top right

  • Save as many Searches as you need.
  • Modify or Delete Searches
  • Add or Remove Favorites
  • Choose to receive automated email notices of new listings Daily or Weekly.
  • Price & Status of each listing will update automatically.

Homes shown are all Active & available at this moment. When a property you have tagged as a Favorite accepts an offer, Status will change to Under Contract.  Read more about Property Status types.

Want to see how well a Neighborhood sells? Choose "Sold" Search above.

Select a City and then a Neighborhood name. Click Search. You will see homes sold in the last 6 months. 

Prices shown in Green are homes that sold for full price - or over the list price.